all about me

A thinker, a doer
and a problem solver

Business with a heart. Building a future that has real and lasting human connections at its center.

all about me

For almost 20 years I help companies and brands to speak with their customers in a language that they can understand and that makes sense to them. I help entrepreneurs grow their businesses by combining  sound strategy and creativity with latest technology. And that’s pretty much all about the professional me.

my approach


people lover.


Heart above silicon

I believe in innovation and in the benefits it offers, but I believe above all in people and in the value of the projects built together.


As you see me

I like to discuss, share and work together with my partners in the utmost transparency, at all times.


Always on track

Experience guides me, makes me live the passion. I constantly update myself to always know how to read reality.


Creative nerd

There is no creativity without numbers. My communication strategies are data driven: first I understand how the world turns and then we invent the best way to live in it.


Let's reach your next goal