the money channel

The business television


The Money Channel is a business information and debate television channel, aiming to provide reliable business info to its viewers.

It is supplying customers real-time business information to the highest journalistic standard, being the only business television in Romania.


The Money Channel


Brand strategy and positioning

Communication strategy & plan


Despite the positive perception of trust, the people perceived The Money Channel as a channel focused exclusively on financial news and macroeconomics. Consequence: The Money Channel was losing money.
There is a lack of interactivity of shows (talking heads), public involvement, visibility of anchors and titles, as well as diversified programs in terms of training – the formation side.

business idea

Firstly, expanding The Money Channel’s target audience, and secondly, improve the audience’s perception of the channel.


New positioning: business information and debate channel that helps you to evolve professionally because it covers a wide area of markets / economic areas.

A a new hourly distribution of programs adapted to the new positioning, as well as new programs covering various areas of economic interest.

communication idea

The Money Channel is not a business television in Romania: it is the business professionals’ television: the people who speak Businesh.

The tone of voice conveys objectivity, independence credibility, real-time info, professionalism,  reinforcing thus the defining attributes for the category and mostly associated with The Money Channel.

The target audience to see in The Money Channel a television specifically for them, which the rest of the world does not watch, suggesting to them that The Money Channel is watched by real business professionals, “as I am / want to be”.


Integrated mage campaign – “Do you speak Businesh?”, Cultural / lifestyle event associations, The Money Channel own events, newsletters, content promotion, online and off line, station ID refresh.


Increased potential viewers by about 300% 

Exceptional improvement of the value scores in terms of brand awareness and image.

Revenue from advertising space sales doubled.


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